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Roar Records Inc. is proud to welcome Michelle Titian to our family.   

Said media-icon Debbie Travis: “Every so often a talent comes along that speaks to our souls. Their stories inspire us to turn the page and start a new chapter. Michelle Titian is such an artist. Her music is heartwarming and exhilarating.”

We could not agree more:  Michelle’s vocals, combined with her honest, poignant lyrics and beautiful melodies,  leaves an immediate imprint on your heart.  You want to hear more.

A natural talent with a powerful story, Michelle is a  singer-songwriter who brings raw emotions to her music:  Michelle’s recordings are a true testament to the strength that can manifest through vulnerability and the beautiful connections that can be built through an honest soul.

Working with Canadian producer Les Cooper (Jill Barber, The Good Lovlies) Michelle’s intrinsic songwriting allows her to effortlessly arrange melodies and harmonies that tap into human emotions and share artful lyrics that speak to the human soul. Her songs are an open and unashamed exposure of her battle with addiction and depression, her journey to recovery and the love she feels for her life now.

Michelle created  The Drive Foundation, a charitable foundation to inspire hope and ignite dreams for those who are afflicted by mental health and addiction. Through life experience, incredible courage and raw talent, Michelle challenges the listener to believe in the person behind all the adversity and to tune into a world of fresh vocals and inspiring sounds. Creating from a place of self-awareness and pure consciousness, Michelle’s singer-songwriter status is deeply rooted in peace and authenticity, inspiring her audience to let go and simply be in the moment with themselves and with her music.

The late Steve Brown, Producer (ABC, Alison Moyet, George Michael (Wham!), Freddie Mercury (Queen), The Alarm, The Cult, The Manic Street Preachers, The Pogues), said of Michelle:  “With her skill of manipulating words and music and then delivering them with such passion (Michelle) is a tour de force

If you like Adele and Jann Arden, you will LOVE Michelle Titian.  Her song Drive – radio edit is now available on all music platforms.




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