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20 years ago, a trailblazer named Veronica had a vision … a company owned by women, sharing stories about women and other voices that would not be picked up by mainstream publishers, labels or media. These stories would be nuggets of inspiration, stories that would offer hope and healing, stories that needed to be shared. She kicked down doors, smashed glass ceilings with a single-minded goal: inclusiveness for all. And so began Roar Publishing Inc. (2001) soon followed by Roar Records Inc. (2013)

In 2017, a second trailblazer joined the company, Corrine, with a shared passion for music and great stories. With a powerful narrative of “women supporting women”, the company released what became a defining moment: “RISE” by Elyse Saunders, the song inspired by Jessica Phoenix, as well as the book RISE: The Jessica Phoenix Story (ISBN: 978-0-9688438-1-9) by Julie Fitz-Gerald.

The dance versions of the song created by DJ Danny D would remain on the HOT MUSIC CHART for 13 consecutive weeks. It was a favorite of an international soccer team – and the theme song for an Olympic broadcast show. The book would become a popular school tour, with both Julie and Jessica visiting students across Canada: children would spontaneously sing the song “RISE” while awaiting eagerly for the presentation to begin. The “RISE Movement” was born! Roar had achieved its vision: creating stories of inspiration across multiple platforms.

With a passion for great stories, Roar continues to discover new talent and share their stories with the world. We invite you to stay for a while, listen to our songs, discover our artists, read our books and share our vision.

And as we say, live your passion, follow your dream.

Love always,

Veronica & Corrine
“Team Roar”