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For booking inquiries or more information about Ana Pac, reach out via the form below:

Ana is a triple-threat dynamo:  singer, tap-dancer and actress.  She reminds us of a young Paula Abdul or Jennifer Lopez – with the same talent and work-ethic.  

As a talented dancer, she has appeared in many films and TV shows, including Work It  (Produced by Alicia Keys) and Feel The Beat – both released  in 2020 on Netflix.  And if you are a fan of speed-skating, you may recognize the name:  Ana was one of Canada’s Top speed-skaters in 2012 – she has now channeled that work-ethic and drive into her music. 

Originally from Montreal, Ana is fluent in English, French and Spanish. 

She is passionate about music and dance.   DOWN IN MY WHIP is her first single – it’s a fun, up-beat song about falling in love – and being in control, down in her whip!   It’s real, authentic – a girl in her car, living her best life, in the now, in the moment, and in charge!    This song is picking up speed – with over 41,400 TikTok views and growing- with some cameos by a few very special Porsches – and a horse!    It is a fan favorite at Canada’s Hit Music Station, Z103.5 FM 

THIS IS  is a pop tuned inspired by the music of K-POP and the “you can do” lyrics of Lizzo – it’s a tune filled with positive messages, an anthem for all ages, a rally call  to all to live their passion, follow their dreams and never give up.  These are words that Ana lives by – listening to your inner voice and having the courage to go after your dreams, despite the obstacles and the nay-Sayers.  Ana’s philosophy on life is to work hard and never lose sight of your inner voice.   It’s that voice that took her on a journey from a short-track speed skater to center stage as a singer-songwriter and performer.  

Her newest single BLAST OFF  (LIGHT YEARS AND BEYOND) is about finding true love and joy it brings.  It’s a fun, catchy pop song for people of all ages. And it’s a song close to Ana’s heart: “Blast Off is about finding that someone that changes everything you ever thought love could be. It’s about feeling a connection with someone that goes above and beyond any connection you have ever made prior to meeting them. It’s about now understanding all the love songs ever written. It’s about the word LOVE not being strong enough to describe what you are feeling. Blast Off is about meeting Jo, my fiancée, on TikTok, loving and being loved by her and experiencing life with her by my side.”

You can download and stream Ana’s music on any digital platform and follow her on TikTok and Instagram 





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For booking inquiries or more information about Ana Pac, reach out via the form below: