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For booking inquiries or more information about Wendy Irvine, reach out via the form below:

Wendy is a force of a talent: singer, songwriter, musician, and a composer with a voice that resonates in your soul.

Music runs deep in her roots – and she has been singing and performing since the age of 3. As a child, she sang in churches, schools, senior homes and hospitals, with her mother accompanying her on the piano. Gifted well beyond her years, Wendy was accepted into the Royal Conservatory of Music at the age of 5, where she studied and played, honing her musical talents and further developing her passion. She would go on to perform across Canada and around the world, both as a performer and as a back-up singer.

If the feeling of LOVE was a voice, it would be Wendy’s.

MAKE TIME is an easy-listening song that reminds us to stop and MAKE time for each other.  “I still believe in the power of love … and I still have faith …”   It’s a call to humanity to reach out to each other with kindness, compassion and love.   An incredible message that is worth sharing and repeating.

A LONG GOODBYE was written by Wendy for her beloved father, who passed away from Lewy Body Dementia. Wendy does more than sing this song, she lives it. (Think “Evergreen” meets “The Living Years”) It is a beautiful, heartfelt song of love and loss.  Joining Wendy on this song is an incredibly special guest, friend and Canadian music icon, Ian Thomas, whose harmonies envelop the song with a deep love: if you have ever lost a loved one, this song will speak to you. It will embrace you, hold you, cry with you but most of all, heal you.

BATTLECRY is a song with its roots in our struggles. It was written with a single thought in mind: that I am standing is proof evil didn’t win. This song has been embraced by those using their collective voices for change. There are two versions, including a radio edit.

If you love the vocal sound of  Adele and Sade, you will love Wendy Irvine. All songs are from Wendy’s up-coming LP, “Make Time”  to be released later this spring. 




Record Release News!

One cannot mention 2020 without the impact of the global pandemic: the human, social and economic impact has been devastating. COVID-19 forced us to focus on what mattered – truly mattered. People. Relationships. Kindness. We refocused what it meant to be Roar Records Inc. Who we wanted to work with.  And in

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For booking inquiries or more information about Wendy Irvine, reach out via the form below: