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Jo Johnson is a force of nature! One look at her TikTok handle @unlearn16 and one will quickly realize why.

Jo is passionate about several things, especially teaching! In particular, un-teaching the wrongs and misinformation from both the past and the present. As a very popular teacher (grades 7 to 12), her students were the ones that encouraged her to dip her toe into social media. That toe-dip into TikTok two years ago has blown-up to an account with over 2.7 Million followers and over 56.6 Million likes! Talk about engaging content.

Those who follow Jo cannot help but marvel at her savvy and skill how she once again educates the ignorant – with a frank kindness combined with a level of intelligence and wit worthy of the best sitcom writer. Her “rants” are wildly popular – and remind one of Rick Mercer. Smack-downs have never been so much fun to watch as seeing Jo take-on misogynists and the ill-informed, often while sitting in her parked Toyota Scion FRS, talking straight to the camera – one-on-one, like a friend. With those piercing blue eyes – looking right into you.

The popularity of her brand @unlearn16 has now lead to an equally popular podcast: Unlearn 16: Class is in Session. “A teacher with a sarcastic wit whose passion for debate and discussion spans the political, social and pop culture spectrums …” Guests include friends as well as the famous: from Rosie O’Donnell to Tony Clement, people love talking – at times debating – with Jo.

It was on TikTok, where Jo met her now fiancée, singer/actor/dancer Ana Pac. Together, they have become a popular duo on the platform, creating content that brings joy to legions of loyal followers. Their proposal video has over 1 Million views. Jo thought she was filming a baseball video, meanwhile at home plate, Ana was waiting on one-knee with a ring.

Aside from Ana, education, and baseball, Jo has a love for ball caps and tattoos. Plus a healthy obsession for McDonald’s and Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. The two often debate the merits of Buffy – a show that Ana has never seen. But it’s her passion and calling for education that drives Jo. It’s easy to understand why this teacher is so popular among her students: with a thirst to learn, Jo is her own student, ready to share life and all it’s wonderful lessons.




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One cannot mention 2020 without the impact of the global pandemic: the human, social and economic impact has been devastating. COVID-19 forced us to focus on what mattered – truly mattered. People. Relationships. Kindness. We refocused what it meant to be Roar Records Inc. Who we wanted to work with.  And in

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