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Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador


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Stephanie Marie is a talented young woman of Ojibwe heritage. She has an eye for design aesthetic. As noted on her IG profile, stephhmaarie “capturing tiny moments + small spaces that spark joy.”

This young mother is a remarkable amateur photographer, with a gift  for composition and placement. Her interests are genuine and reflective of a modern mom living in today’s world: with a deep connection to nature, Stephanie, along with her partner, their daughter and husky,  lives in the country.  Growing their own veggies, raising chickens and foraging are just a few elements of their lifestyle that respects nature. Together, they are mindful of the world in which they live, respectful of the environment.  

Stephanie is a master at thrifting, and she is able to repurpose items found in thrift stores. When she shops, she looks for products that are locally made. When she cannot find what she needs, she will get out her sewing machine and create it. She loves to cook: Stephanie is very mindful of the foods she and her family eats, keeping products as natural as possible, without any artificial flavouring, additives or preservatives. She loves almond milk and will often try out new recipes. Her go-to must have?  Coffee. 

As a digital content creator, Stephanie’s posts are engaging, authentic and beautifully presented. The images are simple and stunning at the same time: one cannot help but be drawn in! 

Add into this mix, Stephanie is a  natural beauty. With long, luxurious dark hair, flawless skin, she uses products that are plant-based and cruelty-free.  She is casual elegance that is remarkably down-to-earth.

Your brand will fall completely in love with Stephanie Marie.




Record Release News!

One cannot mention 2020 without the impact of the global pandemic: the human, social and economic impact has been devastating. COVID-19 forced us to focus on what mattered – truly mattered. People. Relationships. Kindness. We refocused what it meant to be Roar Records Inc. Who we wanted to work with.  And in

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