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Sharing stories of kindness and inspiration: Roar!


We believe in the power of great story-telling. Why? When we stop sharing stories, we become less of what we can be. Some of the greatest leaders and innovators of all time were also masters at sharing stories ... connecting the dots. Connecting us all.


As a label, we focus on single releases that are up-lifting and inspirational. We believe in sharing stories of the human spirit, that make us all rise into our greatness. We believe in the power of one, and that one person can make a difference, a difference that starts as a whisper, only to grow into a Roar!

Read how we’ve been Roaring lately…


  • From creating opportunities and helping us build our brand, to negotiating media, working with Roar has been remarkable!  Their experience, creative savvy and strategy is helping us propel the Dimples brand further than we could have on our own.  We are excited for what the future holds.

    Dimples Charms
    Dimples Charms Handmade Jewelry
  • Roar has bought our media for several years: with their innovative media health check, they were able to find areas of improvement in our annual media buy, which surprised us! Roar Media is definitely someone you want on your dream team.

    Saul Korman
    Saul Korman President, Korry's Clothiers
  • Working with Roar Records on ‘Rise’ was quite the treat. Their enthusiasm and dedication to the project was second to none. We look forward to many future collaborations!

    Giancarlo Gallo
    Giancarlo Gallo Metalworks Studios

Raise a “Battlecry!”

“Battlecry” by Wendy Irvine – a powerful ballad with a jazz-funk groove, a call to action for our times. This is an anthem that unites and heals, “singing truth for all those who have been wronged.” Join us! “I will sing it, You will feel it, I am coming for you …”


“Down In My Whip” by Ana Pac

Ana is a triple-threat dynamo: Singer, tap-dancer and actress. Her first single is a fun, up-beat song about falling in love and being in control, down in her whip! It’s real and authentic – a girl in her car, living her best life, in the now, in the moment, and in charge!

Have some “Cold Comfort”!

As an indie label, we love to support great talent and sometimes, we find that talent behind the scenes – like Stephen Adrian Lawrance. Lawrance is a singer/songwriter who hit number one on CMT Television’s Chevy Canada Top Twenty Countdown and number 5 on Billboard Canada Country chart with his song “When a Momma’s Boy Meets A Daddy’s Girl” co-written with Aaron Goodvin and Miriam Webber.


New from Jeff Jones: “Put Your Hand in the Hand”

In 1970, a Canadian band named Ocean released a song that would become an instant classic: Put Your Hand in the Hand. Now, 50 years after racing up the charts, one of the original members of OCEAN, Juno-award winner Jeff Jones has partnered with Juno-award winning producer Ken Friesen, to release a new version of this song.

RISE: The Jessica Phoenix Story is more than a book; it’s a movement!

Now in its fourth printing, this book tells the story of Jessica Phoenix’s journey of overcoming adversity on the way to the Olympic Games.

Now available in a limited Christmas Joy bundle!


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