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Stories that Inspire.

Welcome to Roar—where we have been sharing stories of the human spirit for over 20 years. Because we believe that sharing stories unites us all… it connects the dots across generations, boundaries and cultures. Stories reflect our soul—be it in word or song—and in sharing them we understand our collective humanity.

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RISE: The Jessica Phoenix Story

Is a story about trial and triumph. It’s about a small-town girl with big dreams and the faith to realize them. It’s about fighting through life-threatening injuries and injustice to achieve a greater goal — and doing so with a level of determination, confidence, and grace that shines bright. It’s a powerful blueprint that we can all use to overcome the inevitable curveballs life throws at us. A story that will take you on an emotional ride as you turn each page.

The Tale of the Rabbit and the Rose: 20th Anniversary Edition

The 20th Anniversary Edition of this fable takes us back to a beloved journey with a rabbit, a rose, a glacier, an actress and a host of other characters, as they join forces in a quest to find the meaning of love. A fable for adults and young adults, this novella was a favorite of those seeking affirmations in love and in life. It's message of kindness and hope resonates today. Lift up your soul: Believe in the wisdom of a Rabbit and the beauty of a Rose.

Wait Till Daddy Gets Home

A fun, catchy country tune about a guy dreaming of seeing his girl, thinking he's all that ... but the look in her eyes tells another, playful story. It's a nod to the everyday, as seen in the cover artwork: Stephen was adamant not to photoshop the model but leave her as-is "embracing her beauty and experience". In an over-edited world, we think that's really cool!

This Is...

The second single from Ana Pac, and a rally call for all to follow that inner voice, to live one’s passion and follow one's dreams. It’s K-POP groove with an up-beat message is ideal for kids and parents alike – and anyone who dares to dream.

A Long Goodbye

A hauntingly beautiful ballad written by Wendy Irvine as a tribute to her father, who passed away from Lewy Body Dementia, this song is for anyone who is a caregiver. Featuring Ian Thomas on back-ground vocals, A Long Goodbye will become a favorite of many.

Put Your Hand In The Hand

It’s been 50 years since OCEAN’s massive hit with this song, and Jeff Jones (known as Jonesy) puts a modern take on this classic. Upbeat, with a timeless message of love, kindness and compassion for humankind, you’ll play this version over and over again.

On A Low

The second single from Dirt Farmer's album "Scatter" is a thoughtful ode to love and relationships. Featuring Greata Bondesson on background vocals, from the Swedish alt-rock band BASKERY, the song is filled with beautiful harmonies and wistful lyrics "I'd like to say I'm hard at trying to make some sense of it all ..."


Rise School Tour & Pledge

ROAR PUBLISHING INC., a division of The Roar Group of Companies, is pleased to announce the RISE SCHOOL TOUR & PLEDGE, with two-time Olympian, five-time Pan Am Medalist Jessica Phoenix and author Julie Fitz-Gerald. Since the beginning of November 2018, Phoenix and Fitz-Gerald have visited over 3,500 students in Ontario

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“Christmas Without You” available online now

We’re pleased to announce that Tori Hathway’s Christmas song “Christmas Without You” is available now in all streaming platforms. Check out the lyric video below and be sure to request this soon-to-be-classic at your radio station!

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The Jessica Phoenix Story Book Tour comes to Alberta

ROAR PUBLISHING INC., a division of The Roar Group of Companies, publisher of RISE: The Jessica Phoenix Story by Julie Fitz-Gerald (ISBN: 978-0-9688438-1-9) is pleased to announce The RISE TOUR & PLEDGE, with two-time Olympian, five-time Pan Am Medalist Jessica Phoenix and author Julie Fitz-Gerald, is heading to Alberta this

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