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Stories that Inspire.

Welcome to Roar—where we have been sharing stories of the human spirit for over 20 years. Because we believe that sharing stories unites us all… it connects the dots across generations, boundaries and cultures. Stories reflect our soul—be it in word or song—and in sharing them we understand our collective humanity.

Roar Reads & Releases:
Words and Music for your Soul.

***NEW*** #iamisms

#iamisms (I-am-isms) are nuggets of kindness and love. They are affirmations based in the present tense, in the here and now. These affirmations are gentle reminders to be good to one another, and especially to oneself, and are written with purpose and compassion. Words Matter - what we say matters, especially our self-narrative. A great conversation starter - "#iamisms affirmations for today's world" is available exclusively via amazon.

***BEST SELLER*** RISE: The Jessica Phoenix Story

A story about trial and triumph, about a small-town girl with big dreams and the faith to realize them. It’s about fighting through life-threatening injuries and injustice to achieve a greater goal—and doing so with a level of determination, confidence, and grace that shines bright. It’s a powerful blueprint that we can all use to overcome the inevitable curveballs life throws at us. A story that will take you on an emotional ride as you turn each page.

***NEW MUSIC*** Freedom

Freedom is the latest high energy offering from Ana Pac, taken from her forthcoming full length - dropping May 24, 2024! Freedom is an uplifting masterpiece, as we come to expect from Ana the lyrics are inspiring and motivational and the backing track is a tour du force of energy. If this one doesn't get you going, nothing will. Download and stream everywhere!

***AWARD FINALIST*** Faith To Rise & Companion Journal

“Faith to Rise: A Journey to Joy and Centering” 52 weekly devotionals that are honest, relatable, and will inspire readers to embrace life, curveballs and all. Along with journaling prompts and discussion points inviting readers to go deeper, each entry features stunning photographs of landscapes in various seasons, showcasing the natural beauty of the world that surrounds us.


The song that embodies what Roar Records is all about! A feel good tune based on the inspiring story of Jessica Phoenix, the CHR EDM version was on the Z103.5 FM Hit List for 13 consecutive weeks! A favourite of an international soccer team, played in their locker room before their games at FIFA 2018.

***NEW MUSIC*** ...And the Lord Hath Taken Away

Composed by Benjamin Hackman (The Holy Gasp) and Anthony William Wallace for an orchestra of 45 musicians and vocalists, this 65-minute double album delves deeply into The Book of Job. Available NOW on your favourite music platforms to download and stream. Limited-edition vinyl is available for purchase.


New single “Naked In The Church”

Roar Records Inc is proud to release NAKED IN THE CHURCH by JEFF JONES AND ROAR.  Jeff Jones is an international rock music icon. A member of the first incarnation of RUSH, Jeff plays with some of the greatest acts in modern music, from BURTON CUMMINGS & THE CARPET FROGS

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Z103.5 Streetmix Album

HOT OFF THE PRESS… Rise: DJ Danny D Dance Mix – has been added to the Z103.5 Streetmix 2K18 compilation album, now available at stores across Canada!

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Nuggets of Inspirational Truths, meant to be shared!