New Book from Julie Fitz-Gerald!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming publication Faith to RISE: 52 Weekly Devotionals for Real Life (A Journey to Joy and Centering).

Based on a radio series written by Julie Fitz-Gerald and broadcast on both radio and YouTube,  Faith to RISE offers weekly nuggets of inspiration, refreshingly real, from the point of view of a working mom of two very active boys, a wife and a member of her community. Readers will love the journaling prompts, discussion questions and beautiful landscape photography from across Canada that accompany each devotional. This book comes with a companion journal and is scheduled for release in October of 2021.  If you are interested in ordering a copy of Faith to RISE, drop us a note and we will add you to our email list, so we can contact you as soon as it is “fresh off the press.”

Rise School Tour & Pledge

ROAR PUBLISHING INC., a division of The Roar Group of Companies, is pleased to announce the RISE SCHOOL TOUR & PLEDGE, with two-time Olympian, five-time Pan Am Medalist Jessica Phoenix and author Julie Fitz-Gerald.

Since the beginning of November 2018, Phoenix and Fitz-Gerald have visited over 3,500 students in Ontario and Alberta, bringing a message of determination, perseverance and courage as they share what it takes to become a world-class athlete and an author. The fact that these two leading ladies are sisters makes a big impact on the students who discover the authenticity of the message: everyone has unique gifts and talents that are needed and valued. It’s a high-energy, inspirational talk that encourages students to never give up on their dreams. The sisters celebrate the importance of goal setting – and that siblings can be both different and successful! The message of the RISE SCHOOL TOUR also aligns with the character traits of local school boards. Jessica passes around her five Pan Am medals for the students to hold and even wear! The presentation is interactive, with videos, music and medals, and concludes with a goal-setting pledge from the two sisters, inspiring students to set their own goals, joining the #risepledge movement.

Says Gavin Ruddock, Vice-Principal of Quaker Village P.S.: “Jessica and Julie speak about determination, perseverance and courage, giving their audience the message that with hard work and believing in yourself you can accomplish your goals. Engaging and interactive, the students were excited to be a part of the presentation and could relate to their message. Their story is authentic, allowing students to easily feel connected. It is one of the most inspiring presentations I’ve ever had in a school.”

Students are quick to share their own personal pledges; here are just a few:

Molly: “Something that inspired me was to never give up.”

Grace: “I will overcome my challenges by being myself.”

Sean: “My dream is to have a university degree.”

As a thank-you to the schools, ROAR PUBLISHING INC., donates 10% of the proceeds from the purchases of RISE: The Jessica Phoenix Story by Julie Fitz-Gerald (ISBN: 978-0-9688438-1-9) back to the school library, as well as the #risepledge banner, where students can pledge their goals beside those of Jessica’s and Julie’s.

“It’s our way of giving back to the kids and their schools, plus the banner is a gentle reminder throughout the year that they’ve got this, especially on those days that can be a bit tough,” says publisher Veronica Low.

The Jessica Phoenix Story Book Tour comes to Alberta

ROAR PUBLISHING INC., a division of The Roar Group of Companies, publisher of RISE: The Jessica Phoenix Story by Julie Fitz-Gerald (ISBN: 978-0-9688438-1-9) is pleased to announce The RISE TOUR & PLEDGE, with two-time Olympian, five-time Pan Am Medalist Jessica Phoenix and author Julie Fitz-Gerald, is heading to Alberta this November.

RISE tells the true story of Phoenix and her journey to become one of Canada’s most accomplished equestrian athletes. It’s an inspiring story of trial and triumph; of grit, faith and courage.

“The community of Carstairs and staff and students of Carstairs Elementary School are honoured and excited to have two-time Olympian Jessica Phoenix join us at CES with the 2020 Olympics just around the corner! Jessica’s message of perseverance, determination and courage are crucial character traits we work hard to instill in our students. This is an amazing experience for our community. Go Canada!” says John Goutsis, principal of Carstairs Elementary School.

“I’m passionate about this incredible country that we live in! It’s a dream come true to be able to take this message of courage and determination across the country to help inspire our youth,” says Jessica Phoenix.

“Encouraging students to develop their own unique gifts and talents, and to never give up no matter how big the obstacles are in front of them, is something that really fires us up! We’re thrilled to be taking this message of encouragement to students in Alberta,” explains Julie Fitz-Gerald.

As a thank-you to the schools, ROAR PUBLISHING INC., donates 10% of the proceeds from the purchases of RISE: The Jessica Phoenix Story back to the school library, as well as the #risepledge banner, where students can pledge their goals beside those of Jessica’s and Julie’s.

Join The RISE movement: Tailored to meet the audience’s needs, The RISE TOUR is booking into the fall of 2020. If you are interested in having The RISE TOUR inspire your school or business, please send us a note via the contact page.

Rise officially opens The Royal

For the first time in the 95 year history of the Royal, it opened with a LIVE performance of Rise, by Elyse Saunders. The magic continued the following night, when Jessica Phoenix won the Horseware Indoor Eventing Challenge, on her mount Abbey GS.

The excitement continued with copies of the book RISE: The Jessica Phoenix Story – with several autograph sessions with both Julie Fitz-Gerald, the author, and Jessica.

The jam-packed Royal included a quick-trip to Montreal and an appearance on BT to promote the book. 

New Book “Rise” coming soon

Coming in late October:

“This is a story about trial and triumph. It’s about a small-town girl with big dreams and the faith to realize them. It’s about fighting through life-threatening injuries and injustice to achieve a greater goal — and doing so with a level of determination, confidence, and grace that shines bright. As Jessica Phoenix’s sister,  I’ve been privy to the backstory of how a Canadian Olympian is made… It’s a powerful blueprint that we can all use to overcome the inevitable curveballs life throws at us.” —Julie Fitz-Gerald

Jessica Phoenix named Tipperary’s ambassador for 2018

(Photo by Nat Kay Photography)

Tipperary is delighted to introduce our star Tipperary Ambassador for 2018: Jessica Phoenix

Rising from a small town in Ontario, Uxbridge, Jessica Phoenix has been an avid rider all her life. Since the age of ten, Jessica has always been an advocate of safety and has been a lifelong wearer of our Tipperary Equestrian vests. It only made sense that we would be delighted to introduce her as our Star Tipperary Ambassador for 2018!

“Since I was 10 years old, I have always trusted my Tipperary vest. I count on my Tipperary vest to keep me safe and I have never gone cross-country in anything other than my Tipperary vest. The 3015 Eventer Pro allows me to have the maximum movement and security. I am thrilled and honoured to be named their Star Ambassador for 2018” – Jessica Phoenix

One of the nation’s leading equestrians, Jessica has proudly represented Canada on the international stage since 2007. In 2011, she went to compete in the Pan AM Games in Guadalajara, coming home with a gold medal in the individual eventing competition, along with a silver medal as part of the team, on her mount Pavarotti. In 2012, Jessica made her Olympic debut in London and finished in 22nd place in the individual eventing – the top placing Canadian, on her horse Exponential. In 2015, she competed in her third Pan American Games winning two medals; an individual silver and a team bronze, on her mount Pavarotti – this just weeks after a near-fatal fall while competing at Jersey Fresh in May 2015. Her comeback story was one of the most followed events during the games.

In 2016, Jessica was named to Canada’s RIO 2016 Olympic Team, where she and her team mates placed 10th in the team competition and finished 38th individually with her mount A Little Romance.

We are very proud to be bringing on a fellow Canadian into our Tipperary family. Throughout her career, Jessica has become a mentor, coach, a public speaker and a role model to the equestrian community. Jessica relies on her Tipperary 3015 Eventer Pro at all her competitions.

We are excited about this partnership, and are looking forward to working with Jessica Phoenix.

About Eventing:

Eventing is a thrilling equestrian sport where a single horse and rider combination compete against other pairs across the three disciplines of Dressage, Cross-Country, and Show Jumping. This sport has its roots in comprehensive cavalry training.

The competition may be run as a one-day event (ODE), where all three events are completed in one day (dressage, followed by show jumping and then cross country, where the pair must successfully navigate a course within a fixed time) or a three-day event (3DE), with dressage on the first day(s) followed by cross country the next day and then show jumping in reverse order on the final day.

Cross-Country is the ultimate test of horse and rider; he course will have massive obstacles, including banks, ditches, water complexes. It is in this phase where many pairs are eliminated, and where wearing a safe yet functional body protector such as the Tipperary 3015 Eventer Pro, can make all the difference. The 2016 RIO Olympic Games (FEI 4*) had a 60% completion rate – meaning 40% of the rider combinations were eliminated in this phase.

About Tipperary:

Tipperary is a Canadian company, dedicated to providing personal protective equipment designed for all levels and disciplines in the equestrian world. Built on the simple notion that equestrians are athletes, each product is made with

maximum mobility, attention to comfort and functional fit. 30 years ago the very first Equestrian Body Protector was developed by Tipperary Equestrian. Since then, the equestrian community has come to value the experience of the Tipperary brand as it has evolved and recognized in virtually every horse nation around the world.

Support of equestrian sport and it’s athletes is paramount to Tipperary’s philosophy. From Pony Club rallies to Young Riders and Olympians; we are proud to partner with grassroots programs and elite performers. For more information about Tipperary Equestrian, please go to

About Jessica Phoenix:

Jessica’s success with OTTB’s (Off the track Thoroughbreds) including Exponential (Tucker) saw her place 7th at ROLEX 4* on 2007 and finish as the top placed Canadian eventer at the 2012 Olympic Games. As a trainer, she has taught horses and riders to be confident and brave; as a coach, you can often see her at horse trials – still in her competition gear, adjusting a bridle or helping a student with a motivational pep-talk. One of her favourite things to do is to coach young riders, and help them achieve their dreams.

Jessica is the subject of a song, RISE- Elyse Saunders (2017) and soon-to-be-released book, “RISE: The Jessica Phoenix Story”.

Equestrians can help in Jessica’s cause by going to and purchasing a Tipperary 3015 Eventer Pro vest. Enter promo-code JPHOENIX18 in which a portion of the proceeds go towards Jessica’s journey.