Record Release News!

One cannot mention 2020 without the impact of the global pandemic: the human, social and economic impact has been devastating.

COVID-19 forced us to focus on what mattered – truly mattered. People. Relationships. Kindness. We refocused what it meant to be Roar Records Inc. Who we wanted to work with.  And in doing so, we discovered some gems.

We reached out to old friends, like Jeff Jones, and we released his 50th Anniversary Edition of PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND just as the world was shutting down.  Yet something in those lyrics, something in that riff, was a healing balm to troubled souls.

We reached out to Ana Pac – whom we discovered on a film set in 2019.  We discovered Stephen Adrian Lawrance – also on a film set, within the same week. Stephen and Ana would pen DOWN IN MY WHIP with our friend DJ Danny D adding his magic touch.  The song is pacing to be a global hit.

Stephen, our secret diamond in the rough, delivered old-style country tracks, the kind Kenny Rogers would sing and compose. COLD COMFORT was written on snow-covered road to Nashville just prior to the shut-down.

We reached out to our friends Wendy Irvine, Dave Patel, and Ian de Souza started to work on a new song that reflected the human condition at that moment: BATTLECRY.

And we discovered a funky alt rock band, of two very talented yet down-to-earth fellows, singing about life and all its ups and downs – and so we welcomed Dirt Farmer to the family, and successfully promoted I LOVE YOU to radio.

2021 is seeing more incredible music, more discoveries… from THIS IS… by Ana Pac to A LONG GOODBYE – the song Wendy penned about her father, to Stephen’s WRITE OUR OWN LOVE SONG and the groovy TUNE IN HER HEAD by Dirt Farmer.  2021 is shaping up to be another remarkable year for our indie record label.

And that’s why we are called ROAR. While we may be living in a different world, it is still very much our world – a world where we continue to share stories of the human collective. 


New single “Put Your Hand in the Hand”

In 1970, a Canadian band named Ocean released a song that would become an instant classic: PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND.  Ocean’s version of the song would hit #2 on Billboard being the first-ever CANCON song to do so.  It would go on to be recorded by Anne Murray, Paul Anka, Joan Baez, Elvis and so many others. Fittingly, 50 years after racing up the charts, one of the original members of OCEAN, Juno-award winner Jeff Jones has partnered with Juno-award winning producer Ken Friesen, to release a new version of this song.

In these times of uncertainty, we take comfort in a familiar refrain “take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently … “

So raise your hands to the sky, hand in the hand with the man from Galilee.

New single “Naked In The Church”

Roar Records Inc is proud to release NAKED IN THE CHURCH by JEFF JONES AND ROAR.  Jeff Jones is an international rock music icon. A member of the first incarnation of RUSH, Jeff plays with some of the greatest acts in modern music, from BURTON CUMMINGS & THE CARPET FROGS to TOM COCHRANE & RED RIDER. Jeff’s talent was discovered at an early age: his Mom used to say he was “one kick-ass bass player” His talent is undeniable, both a bass player and vocalists, displaying a great depth of versatility. Jeff is a musician’s musician and one of the nicest persons one would ever meet in not just this business, but anywhere in the world.

With Naked In The Church, Jeff goes back to his spiritual roots, to OCEAN, and the song “PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND.”  That song struck a chord with millions, and was released by giants in music industry, from all genres, from Elvis to Anne Murray to Joan Baez. A little known fact: “PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND” was the first CANCON song to hit Number #1 on the CHUM chart.

Naked In The Church is an up-lifting song about a man who suddenly realizes what life is all about: it’s not about the material things, it’s about being honest with oneself for the first time, so one can see truth and meaning in one’s life. An awakening and turning point. A feel good song that will have you humming along. If you like 70’s feel good pop and Tom Petty, you will loveNaked In The Church. This song completes a life-long spiritual journey for Jeff, affectionately known in the music business as “Jonesy.”

The band ROAR is anchored by Dave Patel on drums and includes Greg Keyes (lead guitar), Kyle Renton (acoustic guitar), Peter Kadar (keyboards/piano) and Wendy Irvine (background vocals)

Recorded at the world-renowned Metalworks Studios, produced by Kevin Dietz and mastered by Chris Crerar. The song is 100% CANCON.